Is Your Car’s Heater Core Not Performing Properly?

What your heating system looks like

When it comes to your car’s heating and A/C there are usually some obvious signs that can tell you if they’re not functioning the way that they should. The first thing you’ll probably notice is your heater isn’t working when turned on. If it blows cold or lukewarm air or no air at all then something needs to be done your heater.

Sometimes the fix can be as easy as checking your fluid levels and topping them off appropriately. However, most of us have had experiences that weren’t quite so simple. After you’ve inspected your fluid levels and concluded that the problem lies elsewhere there are a couple of other things you can check.

  • Check the heater control valve – this is what controls the core’s intake of hot coolant.
  • Test your engine’s vacuum feed – check every vacuum line and they should be in operation. If you hear a hissing sound then it is possible a leak exists somewhere along the vacuum line.
  • Check the blower motor – this is used to transport the heated/cooled air throughout the automobile.

If all of these appear to be working properly then the problem could lie in the heater core. The main problem that occurs in heater cores is usually leakage. Heater cores leaking antifreeze needs to be replaced and unfortunately the service and replacement can be quite costly.

The core works hand in hand with the engine’s cooling system. Once the heated antifreeze goes back through the engine it is circulated through the cooling system by the radiator and hoses. Antifreeze is in a constant circulation throughout the engine, radiator, and heater core even if you’re heater isn’t turned on.

If the heater core is cracked and causing leaks you will know by the location of the leak. Many makes and models with a heater core crack will leak on the inside of the car on the passenger side along the floorboard, and it may have a sweet smell to it.

Bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive and let our mechanics service and repair your vehicle’s coolant and heating system in time for the winter months. A free diagnostic test (valued at $80) will be included in order for our mechanics to confirm the location and cause of the problem you’re experiencing.

Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions about your coolant or heating systems.

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