Is Your Car’s Clutch Performing Up To Par?

Clutch and Flywheel Diagram

Your car’s clutch kit is an important part of your car that can affect its overall performance. Before determining if something is wrong with your clutch it helps to know how it functions. In a clutch, the flywheel connects to the engine and a clutch plate is connected to the transmission. When your foot is off of the petal a spring pushes the pressure plate against the clutch disc which presses the flywheel. In turn, this locks the engine to the transmission input shaft which causes them to spin at the same time.

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When the clutch pedal is pressed the pressure plate is pulled away from the clutch disc which releases the clutch from the spinning engine. The clutch plate has springs inside of it which helps it to isolate itself from the transmission.

One of the most common problems that comes with clutches is the friction often causes the clutch disc to wear out. This can be caused from excessive or aggressive driving. If you’re able to keep your car in good shape and use your clutch gently then it can last up to 80,000 miles.

Since fixing the problem with your clutch kit or flywheel can sometimes be tricky bring your car into 2J’s Automotive and let the mechanics give your car a free diagnostic. After your car’s initial diagnostic ($80 value) the mechanics at 2J’s Automotive can replace your car’s clutch and flywheel so your car can accelerate the way it should. There are different clutch kits you can get for your car which effects how your car sits in idle and how it accelerates so if you don’t know the difference then don’t risk it.

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