Is Your Car’s Clutch Going Bad?

When it comes to problems with your car, the clutch is not one you want to put off. Much like your brakes, the clutch is a vital part in getting you and your car from point A to point B. Unfortunately the problem can range from a minor repair to something incredibly detailed and expensive.

Most vehicles with an automatic transmission don’t have this problem unless the automatic shifting can somehow be overridden. However if you have a manual transmission then a clutch problem should receive your immediate attention because driving with a faulty clutch can actually be very dangerous.

One of the first things you want to do is find out what the symptoms are and go from there. A common problem that comes up is having difficulty shifting gears. If you find yourself having to give extra effort just to shift gears then odds are your clutch has a problem with it. Shifting could have been easy and smooth at first but if you now have to press extra hard on the clutch pedal then you should arrange to have your clutch system looked at.

There are a couple of other common symptoms that you should consider to be a red flag when it comes to your clutch:

  • The clutch slips in and out of gear while driving
  • Clutch shakes or chatters while car is in motion
  • Clutch pedal won’t go down
  • Unusual or unnatural noises in the clutch

Note: When the clutch slips in and out of gear the engine will work hard but the wheels won’t respond causing you to drive slower than what you should be.

Clutch problems eventually lead to poor gas mileage, a bumpy ride and dangerous driving conditions so if you don’t know what the exact problem is with your car’s clutch then bring it in to 2J’s Automotive and let the mechanics service and repair it for you.

We offer a free diagnostic test ($80 value) and inform you of what needs to be done. Don’t wait too late to service your car because if the problem is severe then it could be very dangerous driving on the road. Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions regarding your clutch system.

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