Take Care of Your Transfer Case Problems as Soon as Possible

There are various kinds of 4×4 transfer cases from different manufacturers that work for different makes and models. However for the most part each transfer case has the same basic functions that you should know about it you have one and you believe it is giving you problems.

In vehicles that have 4 wheel drive the transfer case is what directs power to both ends, or axles, of the vehicle through separate driveshafts. Cars that have a 2 wheel driveshaft don’t need a transfer case because the driveshaft comes directly out of the transmission in the front of the car.

Most transfer cases will have a 4-Hi and 4-Lo mode and this is where a problem can sometimes occur. Since the specifics can vary from make and model so can the problem, but one issue that can come up is your engine will miss gears when shifting. Some people notice this when their car hesitates when accelerating from a stop.

Another problem can occur when you switch from 4-Hi to 4-Lo and vice versa. If it says it is in 4 wheel drive but it is undoubtedly not driving in 4 wheel drive then you may need to get a new transfer case. It is more noticeable when you’re driving uphill or pulling heavy weight so try to take note next time you drive in one of these conditions.

Transfer case troubleshooting can be confusing and it has caused people to ask questions in the past so if you think you have an issue with yours then bring it in to 2J’s Automotive and let the mechanics take a look at it for you. They will give you a free diagnostic test (an $80 value that most other shops don’t even offer) and find out where the problem is coming from and determine what services and repairs need to be done to you vehicle.

Schedule an appointment to have one of 2J’s Automotive’s professionals take care of your car. Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions regarding your 4×4 transfer case or anything else regarding your vehicle.

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