Taking Care of Your Car’s Smelly Air Conditioning Problem

Has this ever happened to you? You go out to your car to turn it on expecting to be hit with fresh and cool air coming from your car’s A/C vents only to be surprised with an unpleasant mold-like smell. If so then you’re not alone.

Many people have experienced this when they first turn on their air conditioning. It could smell like mold, body odor, or something worse and since we tend to use our A/C a little more than usual in Texas this isn’t entirely uncommon.

In order to get rid of the foul smell we must first find out what is causing it. In most cases the cause is exactly what it smells like, which is mold and bacteria. Most of the time the mold can be found growing inside the evaporator core which is a part of the car’s air conditioning system.

The purpose of the evaporator is to remove heat from the car’s cabin as well as remove any moisture from the air that is being cooled. Over time the evaporator will start to drain slower than it should and eventually it can become clogged. This can cause a buildup of water that allows from mold and bacteria to grow causing the unpleasant smell.

This can be avoided three ways:

  • Clean the A/C with a chemical cleaning system – de-odorizers can be used to eliminate most of the bad smell and if this doesn’t work then an auto repair shop will have a chemical cleaner that will work almost every time.
  • Clean the evaporator or have it replaced – since the evaporator is not an east component to get to this should only be done if all other options have been exhausted. If the smell has been going on for too long and it seems to be getting worse then this could be your only choice.
  • Prevent mold from happening in the first place – turning off you’re A/C before you turn off your car can help keep the evaporator dry.

If all else fails you can always bring your car into 2J’s Automotive. Our certified mechanics are experts in automotive service and repair and can fix whatever problem you may be having with your air conditioning.

We service all makes and models both foreign and domestic so bring your car in for service you can trust. Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.

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