Take Care of Car Coolant Problems Early

Cooling System Diagram

Summer weather is upon us and before it gets too hot outside it would be wise to make sure everything is running properly with your vehicle’s cooling system. If you’re thinking there might be a problem with your coolant then there are a couple of helpful things to look for and be aware of so you can find out what is happening.

Start by asking yourself some basic questions. Do you think the system is overheating? Do you see any leaks anywhere? Where do you think the strange noise is coming from? What is the car doing when you notice the problem? Answering these questions the best of your knowledge can help you narrow down the scope of the problem.

  • Overheating – the radiator may be dirty or malfunctioning which can cause blockage of air flow. Also be sure to check the thermostat and see if the coolant moves as the engine temperature becomes warmer.
  • Leakage – if you’re seeing spots and puddles underneath your car then check your coolant levels and hoses to see where the leak could be coming from.
  • Noises – ignite the engine and listen for noises while the car sits idly. If you hear an unnatural noise then it could be a damaged waterpump, belt or hose that needs to be replaced.

More often than not the problem will come from overheating due to a bad hose or low coolant fluid levels. It’s also important to note that the first you should before anything is check your fluid levels because if they are low then it is a very easy fix.

However if you’d rather not troubleshoot the problem yourself then bring it in to 2J’s Automotive and let the mechanics take a look at your car’s cooling system for you. They can give it a free diagnostic test and find out what the problem is and where it is coming from.

Schedule an appointment to have your car serviced or give us a call at 817-232-9866 with any questions you have.

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