Are Your Brakes Giving You Problems?

Brakes naturally wear out over time. There really is nothing you can do to avoid it but depending on how aggressive you drive your car can determine how frequently you should have your brakes checked and replaced.

The longer you wait to service and repair your brakes the more money you end up spending as the problem can get more severe with time. Stopping power is essential for your safety when driving so don’t run the risk of completely wearing out your brakes.

Sometimes your car will alert you when something is wrong with your brakes. These are usually in the form of whistling sounds or grinding noises when the brake pad is applied.

Note: This is because there is a thin piece of metal attached to the brake pad so when you brake and hear that noise you know it’s time to have your brakes serviced.

Here are some potential causes to the noises you may be hearing:

  • Worn out brake pads
  • Cracked or weathered rotors
  • Brake pads becoming loose
  • Uneven torque of lug nuts

These are just some possibilities but you can narrow down the problem even more by paying attention to how your car is responding when you apply the brake. If you find yourself having to push down rather far to brake, it’s taking longer than usual to come to a stop or when applying the brake it doesn’t come to a smooth stop but rather a sharp stop then that can help you or the mechanic determine what should be examined.

If you have some of the proper tools and equipment some of these issues can be taken care of by yourself. If not, then it’s best to make an appointment and bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive so the professionals can give your car the services and repairs it needs.

They can give your car a free diagnostics test ($80 value) and determine what specific service or repair needs to be done so you can drive safely and confidently. Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment.

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