Avoid Problems With Your Front or Rear Differential

What Does Your Rear Differential Look Like?

The differential in your vehicle is what basically makes your car’s wheels rotate and drive forward. If you have a four wheel drive vehicle then you will have separate differentials at the front and back of the vehicle. Rear wheel drive vehicles will have a rear differential and it transfers the power from the engine and transmission to your wheels.

It’s hard to see to the naked eye but your wheels spin at different speeds especially when turning. This is because they travel at different distances through a turn. The wheels on the inside of the turn travel a shorter distance therefore travel at a lower speed.

If you think you’re experiencing a problem with your rear differential then the first thing you should look for is to see if your ‘Check Engine’ light is on. If so there are some things you can check for when diagnosing your problem.

Tip: One of the first things you should do is check your differential fluid levels. Any time there is ever a problem check your fluid levels first before any services or repairs are done.

Noise is usually the first indicator that something is amiss. In some cases it will be a noise coming from the back of the vehicle at certain speeds and the noise will more than likely be a whining or humming sound.

Usually you have plenty of time to repair or replace your differential but if the problem persists then it could get more severe. It could lock up or slip due to a faulty pinion gear and you may not be able to drive at all when that happens.

Save yourself the stress and hassle of dealing with it yourself and bring it in to 2J’s Automotive and let the professional mechanics take a look at it for you. After giving it a free diagnostics test they will assess the problem and inform you of what needs to be done next.

They can answer any questions you may have about your differential so call us at 817-232-9866.

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