Address Your Rear Differential Problems

Rear Differential Cutaway

Rear Differential Cutaway

In order to find out what kind of differential you have for your car you first need to verify how your car drives. Most of the modern cars that have rear wheel drive capabilities have a rear differential. Although it is not well known to many drivers, it still provides one of the most important functions for your vehicle.

The power, or torque, that is produced from the car’s engine is what puts your vehicle into motion. The differential is what distributes the torque to the wheels and determines how much is necessary. It effects the speed of your wheel rotation which is especially important when it comes to taking turns.

In a turn, the outer wheel needs to move faster than the inner wheel. Every time this happens you will have a smooth turn and know it was because of the differential.

Now that its purpose is more clearly defined, what are some problems you can expect?

  • Leaks – a common problem for any car and any driver. Your vehicle needs fluids to run properly and if the fluids are leaking out somewhere then it can escalate and lead to multiple problems. For the differential, it is a leaking of lubricant you want to avoid. A lack of lubrication can increase friction between gears in the differential and over time that can cause wear and tear and potentially major damage. Catching it early can prevent costly services and repairs but you may otherwise experience another common problem of noise.
  • Noise – the noise you may hear will be of the gears grinding each other due to lack of lubrication. It sounds like a growling sound and will be most prominent when taking turns. If this goes unnoticed then you could possibly experience a complete vehicle breakdown. No one wants to go through that!

If you have your doubts about your differential’s performance then hesitation is the one thing you don’t want to do. Bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive and let our mechanics service your car. A free initial diagnostics test ($80 value) will determine the location and nature of your problem so the proper services and repairs can be administered.

Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions regarding your vehicle’s differential or bring it in for a checkup.

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