2J’s Automotive Speaks Out on Automotive Electrical Problems

2J’s Automotive speaks out on automotive electrical problems.  Since the early 1990’s automobiles have been moving away from mechanical and vacuum functions to electrical impulses to perform various functions of an automobile.  Everything from transmissions, fuel management systems, and most of the engine components are now run by electrical solenoids and computers.

A check engine light being illuminated on your car could be anything from a poorly fitting gas cap to a transmission failure.  With more and more components being electrical in nature, it may not be a failed part but a bad connection between the computer and the component.  This could be caused by a short in the wiring or even a bad computer.  This is a good reason to find a automotive shop that has adequate equipment to diagnose your problem, and the skill or ability to read wiring diagrams for the purpose of finding the problems within the system.

As an example, lets presume your car has a trouble code that detects a faulty speed sensor.   This code can affect your speedometer and/or the way your car shifts.  First you would test the sensor to determine if it is faulty.  If the sensor tests good then you will have to check the wiring between the sensor and computer. If the wiring checks good then the computer will need to be checked.  This scenario can be the same for most components on your car.

2J’s Automotive speaks out on electrical problems on your automobile.  More and more repairs today will have something to do with your electronics rather than mechanical issues.

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